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       Resume Reviews

For All Active Service Members, Veterans, and AAGEN Workshop Attendees!!!

Bring your resumes to our annual workshop for a free 20-minute consultation that is personalized, targeted, and designed to make you more competitive in transitioning to a new job – government civilian, private sector, or academia.

This service is being offered again this year after very positive feedback last year.

Our resume coaches have decades of experience in writing and editing successful resumes – one is retired from the U.S. Navy and has rewritten hundreds of resumes and the other coach retired from DoD and is a teacher and lecturer on resumes, and a volunteer at Walter Reed.  Both have a 95% success rate in translating military experience into civilian terms that resonate with employers in any sector.  Both coaches have marketing experience and have worked in public and private sectors.

Bring your resume, come see how to make it pop with the “wow” factor.

Important Note: These are speed resume review sessions, designed to help people transition jobs based on their resumes.  This service is different from the Executive Coaching Service, which focuses on providing career guidance for senior emerging leaders.

To book transition resume review sessions, please email coach Aaron Betz at or coach Ellen Law at  It is first come, first serve basis so reserve your slot today.


Mr. Aaron Betz: Aaron is a retired Naval Officer and successful business leader.  As he was transitioning from the Navy, he found it challenging to properly prepare for a new career, and discovered that resources for transitioning service members were inadequate.  Aaron started a non-profit organization called Transition Navigator, working with local leaders in commercial business and government sectors to assist transitioning military members.  His specialty is editing resumes to focus on the positions they are seeking next.  Aaron has assisted over 500 service members over the past 4 years.  After retiring, Aaron joined a leading defense contracting company for two years, and then joined a Veteran-Owned Small Business in Northern Virginia, where he is the Vice President of Business Development.  He is now with Deloitte.

Ms. Ellen Law:  Ellen has been a resume coach, speaker, and lecturer for nearly 30 years.  She began her career in this field when she wrote the first brochure on computer careers for Disney’s Epcot Center.  Since then she has helped new graduates to senior executives to write and edit their resumes, job applications and essays, coaching them through applications for Federal positions as well as those in the private sector and scientific and academic arenas.  She currently volunteers at Walter Reed Hospital, writing resumes for the Wounded Warriors.  She has been a journalist, author and editor, and is a recent retiree from the Department of Defense, where she was a senior policy analyst writing policy and regulations on information management and data quality.

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