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                                    Message from the AAGEN Chair!

HAPPY FALL/Winter! I hope this finds you well as we enter the winter. The intent of this message is to provide you with an update on the organization. It has been a while since I last communicated with you, but rest assured that we have been busy at work addressing the top strategic goals set by the Board during a retreat held earlier this year. The Board identified the following four areas to prioritize as we move forward:

  • Increase AAGEN Visibility
  • Identify AAGEN Values
  • Streamline Internal Processes
  • Maintain Financial Stability

Specific tasks were identified within each of these areas, with Officers serving as executive champions within each committee. As we drill down on these areas, much of our time continues to be on updating internal operations, including a review/update of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), creating a new website and preparing for the hallmark programs of leadership development in the AAGEN SESDP and annual Workshop. We have been fortunate to have had six CAPAL interns last summer who have assisted us with this pursuit as their Community Action Project. In addition, we now have four virtual interns available to us to provide assistance as needed.  Our core mission remains to promote, expand, and support government leadership.

One of our top priority goals for this year is to redesign and update our website, addressing our need to communicate more efficiently amongst members and our need for an effective outreach tool. I profess, this is not my area of expertise. Therefore, I am relying on our experienced IT CIOs to take on this challenge of navigating the various IT platform advances in technology to create a website that meets our needs. Fortunately, a number of SESDP members and a team of computer specialists have already taken on this developmental project. As we continue to sort through the work, you may have noticed that we have at least tried to update a number of the entries on the site.  Including the timely announcement of SES opportunities as they are shared with us as well as the announcement of this year’s solicitation for SESDP applications to the FY20 class.  We still seek member involvement in these activities and invite you to join a committee to assist in moving our agenda.  .

As I mentioned previously, tomorrow's problems demand bright, hard-working leaders, who will need the AAGEN community to provide support as mentors, coaches, advocates, and role models. We could use your talents and expertise and encourage you to join one of our committees as we move forward. I wish to close with a special thanks to the officers, board members, and volunteers for selflessly offering your service and time. Please know that AAGEN will continue to call on you as leaders, volunteers and contributors! I am pleased to announce that, this year, we will be included in the Combined Federal Campaign. Our CFC number is: 45979, so please don’t forget to give in the Fall during the CFC campaign! Your involvement is always appreciated so if you have time, please join one of our committees and become more engaged.

Finally, in appreciation of our members we will be having an event to honor you.  Please keep posted on details to follow.  As we enter the holiday season, I am thankful to all of YOU and wish you a memorable winter season filled with blessings and gratitude. Rest up and enjoy!

Best wishes always,
Vivian and the Board


As a tax-exempt nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, AAGEN dutifully complies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Moreover, It is, and has been, AAGEN’s practice to remind its members, officers and members of the Board of Directors, to abide by all laws and regulations that apply to government employees’ participation in outside activities, including but not limited to, the Standards of  Ethical Conduct  for Employees of the Executive Branch, Final Regulation Issued by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, Codified in 5 C.F.R. Part 2635, As amended at 81 FR 81641 (effective January 1, 2017). Where appropriate and/or necessary (for example, where a rule or regulation is unclear or ambiguous as to its applicability to a given set of facts), AAGEN encourages its members, officers and directors to seek advice from their agency’s Ethics Adviser/Counsel, especially in cases of first impression.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, the officers and members of the Board of Directors of AAGEN serve in their personal, unofficial capacity. The inclusion of their official title and position within their respective government agencies on AAGEN’s website and in AAGEN’s digital and print materials (including but not limited to, informational materials, promotional materials, press releases, media advisories, programs, and agendas,) is strictly for identification purposes only, and should not, in any manner, be construed to imply that the relevant agency or the government sanctions or endorses their personal activities related to AAGEN.

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